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Welcome to the USAFA WebGuy Archives

WebGuy photos and blogs prior to September 2015 are archived here.
Existing logins are still active, but there are no new user registrations here.
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The End of an Era

Hello Families!
Bill Preston here.  I am the Director of Constituent Programs here at the AOG.  Most of you know me as "WebGuy".  You see my posts as WebGuy2.0.   I am actually the second person to have the honor of the title.   The original "WebGuy" is and always will be Mr. Marty Marcolongo.  (Pictured below in 2009 shooting Field Day.  Notice the high tech camera he used back then).  If you are reading this blog, (known as WebGuy Notes back then), you owe it all to Marty.  This was his brainchild.  This is starting to sound like a eulogy which I assure you it isn't.  Marty is still very much alive.

So why am I telling you all of this?  This is the final blog entry on this version of the WebGuy website which has served us well and done far more than it was designed to do when it was launched in 2008.  Our crack IT team has kept this Drupal platform up and  running with twine and gum and frankly some magic long past the time when it should have been retired.  Ironically this past summer was the most problem free since I became involved in the program in 2011.   
Tomorrow morning when you go to www.usafawebguy.com, you will see a page that says we are down for maintenance.  When we come back up in the afternoon, WebGuy will have a brand new look, but more importantly, it will be a brand new responsive site built from the ground up.  It will work well with any device from your phone to your computer.  Your existing username and password will still work and all of the blog entries and photos from this past summer will all be there. We have been running it in tandem all summer to get the bugs out.  Every phone and  blog then you saw here was also uploaded to the new site for our beta test volunteers to use and review.  Our thanks to them for all their feedback.
While there will be no new content added to this site after today, this website will serve as the archive for content and photos taken prior to June 1, 2015.  All of your book marks will remain here as will the photos taken at the milestone events for the Classes of 2016, 17, & 18 like BCT.   Nothing will be lost and links to this site from the new one will make it easy to go back and forth to view and download.  We have tried to think of all the questions that you might ask about the transition and you will see a link to those on the new site.
So, thanks for all the patience and support you all have shown us over the years as this web platform has supported our growth.  We hope you like the new site.  We sure do. 

July/August Birthday Dinner

One of the unique benefits of the prep school's small size compared to USAFA is the dining facility (DFAC).  No one every complains about the food served there.  Every month during the academy year, the DFAC hosts a birthday dinner for C/Cs celebrating birthdays during that month.  This month the dinner was for both July and August birtdays.   The dinner includes a choice of steak or chicken cordon bleu and is served on china.  Finally there is cake and ice cream for dessert.  By military tradition, the cake is cut with a cadet sabre by the oldest and youngest C/Cs in attendance.  Enjoy the photos starting on page 31 of the academic year gallery.  Also check out this blog on the new WebGuy site coming soon.  https://beta.usafawebguy.com/Blog/prep

Prep Honor Lesson

The Honor Lesson today at the Prep school involved a hands on activity in the Auditorium. What does soap, water and Propane gas get you?

An awesome experiment of course!

Click the video below to watch what the experiment was and check out the Gallery for pictures from today's Honor Lesson. The Honor lesson surrounding this experiment was on making sure to give credit to where it is due and citing it. Whether it be for a paper, presentation, etc. For example, this experiment was taken off of Myth Busters.

Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.

We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.

It all comes back to that Honor code. Being in the Military, these future Officers will be looked to for guidance and they need to uphold the standards that have been set before them. Over the course of the next 4 and a half years. They will have to prove themselves again and again.

To see the pictures taken from this afternoons Honor Lesson. Go to the Prep 2016 Academic Year Gallery.

Prep vs. NMMI

Today was the Huskies first game and defeat (10-26). It was a really good game and the huskies were in the lead till the end of the second quarter. They made a lot of good plays, especially as a new team still getting to know one another. Throughout the game the huskies had great communication and teamwork. NMMI is a tough team but the Huskies sure did give them a run for their money. I cannot wait to see what the season brings with this new team, GO HUSKIES!






Team Building at the Prep School

This morning the Preppies had some action outside on the Parade Field and Football field. The activities were all squadron planned, with the mission objectives of teamwork, physical activity and a lesson overview on what respect means to them. Each squad had their own activity planned.

A Squad started out with a Egg Balancing Relay where the first person had to crawl to where the egg was, stand up and had to balance the egg on the spoon in their mouth and then proceeded to attempt to walk another 10 feet foward, turn around and then back to where they picked up the egg. They passed the egg to the next person waiting at that spot. The group that finished this task without dropping the egg won that activity.




When I caught up to B Squad they were in the middle of their Respect overview discussion and what respect meant to them and working as a team. The Relay activity that followed. They had split into groups and pair up into two, to accomplish the task at hand. They couldn't move to the next part of the relay without their partner and had to do 10 of each exercise. They started by walking sideways with just their hands touching and using each others body weight to move. Then they had to do push-ups, crab walk, flutter kick and last to bear crawl before running all the way back to where they started. The first team to finish won that Relay exercise.



When I arrived to the Football Field where C Squad was their activity involved some of the Preppies to wear blindfolds and being directed around "landmines" (Their backpacks) without touching them. If they touched the landmine, they were done. Whoever got across without touching the landmine, won the activity. They had two different relays for this activity, one while the blindfolded Preppie crab walked and the next doing a bear crawl.




Click here to view the pictures taken this morning. They start on page 5 of the Prep 2016 Academic Year Photos Gallery.

Prep Football Practice

Hello Families!
To my untrained eye the Huskys looked pretty good.  I'm over 6 feet tall, but I always feel small next to these guys.  There are about 100 photos from the end of practice today up in the gallery.  Only 9 days till the first game.  Here are a couple of photos of the offensive & defensive lines.  They are smiling here, but I wouldn't want to see them when they are mad.

Cool Start To The Academic Year

Hello all. WebHatter here.

To start off the Academic Year for the Prep school, during their briefing today they were given a glimpse at the Wings of Blue team.

They had 10 Jumpers in total who landed on the Parade Field and afterwards the Preppies were able to go out and talk to each of them and ask questions.

What a way to start Briefs for the year, I'd say.

Starting The Prep Year Off With A Bang (Literally)

Good Afternoon Families!


Welcome to the Prep School Academic Year!  Following the Commander's briefing from Col Szybist it was time to get down to the business of academics.  The CCs heard from the Dean and met all their instructors and academic advisors. 




The morning ended with a bang as the video below will show (wait for it)



Prep School transition to academics.

Happy Sunday Families!
By now most of you have received that long phone call you have been waiting for.  The WebTeam is enjoying a much needed day off.   Today and tomorrow are transition days for the Preppies.  (Doesn't that sound so much better than Basics?)  I thought I would let you know what is going on the next couple of days before classes start on Tuesday and hopefully answer some questions.
First off, here is the phone policy for Phase 1.  During the week the CCs may use their phones after dinner (about 1830) until academic call to quarters (ACQ) starts at 1900 and again from 2130-2200. They can have their phones at night - emergency use and alarm clock, but shouldn't be texting/talking. It's only 45 minutes a day, but their mission and focus is earning their appointments to USAFA - academics and time management.  Weekend use is unlimited.    That being said, please remember that phone use is a privledge not an entitlement, so help them obey the rules and keep that privledge.  :-)  
Some of you have asked about the Football game on the 22 August.  Here is what I know at the moment.  You are welcome to attend, however no special arrangements are being made for base access for non-DoD ID cardholders.  I don't have any information beyond that.  The prep school is aware that some of you plan to attend.  For more clarification, I would contact the prep school directly. 
Next, here is what is happening today and tomorrow.  No pictures today.  This morning they got up at a more normal time of 0615.  I'm sure that felt like they slept all morning compared to the 0445 of BMT.  After breakfast it is church or free time in the dorms until lunch at 1200.  This afternoon it's textbook issue (they got their laptops yesterday), dinner, and then academic preparations until lights out at 2200. 
Monday morning is a Commander's call with Col Szybist (yes, there will be a few photos), followed by the Dean's briefing and staff introductions in the theater.  They will also meet with their academic advisors.  In the afternoon they will be getting their ID cards issued, the IC teams will start practice, non-ICs will get a gym orientation, then after dinner at 1900 is ACQ with lights out at 2200.
Class officially begin on Tuesday.  The normal weekly schedule breaks down roughly like this.  Mornings are all academics.  Math, Science, & English.   After lunch, there is military training, afternoon practices for sports teams and gym time/intramurals for non-IC athletes.  After dinner is a bit of personal time, then ACQ at 1900.  That schedule has variations of course, but the main focus for the next 9.5 months is academic preparation.
Lastly...  What to expect from WebGuy.  Obviously, the summer training is our most in depth coverage.  We have taken 18,760 photos since the Priors arrived on 12 July.  That averages out to about 80 photos per CC so far.   During the academic year we will have something for you to see every week, but not necessarily every day.  We try to balance our coverage between Academics, Military Training, & Sports.  We will cover some of the home games in all the sports (but not every one).  We will also cover the monthly birthday dinners.  If there is a major event, we will be there.  Our goal is to provide a window into the prep year, but not necessarily a window into the lives of each individual CC.   They deserve their privacy as they focus on the task at hand.  That being said, you should have lots of pictures for your scrap books when we're finished in May.
Ok.  That's it for now.   Thanks for all the kind words in your Facebook comments.  We read everyone.  We will continue to use FB  to communicate during the year.    Now, I am back to my day off.   See you all soon.   Parents Weekend will be here before you know it.

Last Day of BMT!

Hi Families!

So today was the last day of BMT! The day started off with all of the basics taking the Honor Oath: "I will not lie, steal, or cheat, not tolerate among us anyone who does. Furthermore, I resolve to do my duty and to live honorably, (so help me God; optional)." Then, the whole Prep School, including the permanent party, went on roughly a two mile march. Starting at the Milazzo Center, the group walked around to the bottom of the Stairway to Heaven, before finishing on the Parade Field. On the Parade Field, Col. Szybist gave a speech about how well the basics did over the last 18 days and what they have to do over the next nine and a half months in order to make it to the Academy. The commander of the Prep School also gave out awards to the Cadre for their excellent performance during BMT.

It is a tradition both at the Prep School and at the Academy to hand out shoulder boards as a symbol of the end of basic training. During BMT, the basics do not have a rank, but when they receive their shoulder boards with their new ranks on them, they are officially part of the wing. After Col. Szybist finished handing out awards, all of the basics received their shoulder boards. And with shoulder boards in hand, the basics transitioned into preppies! 

The morning ended with the Preppies doing skits where they impersonated their cadre and re-enacted their favorite parts of basic. Let the hilarity ensue.

All of the pictures of the day are up in the gallery now, so check them out!

Congratulations to the Preparatory School Class of 2016! We are all so proud of you!




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