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The End Of An Era

Welcome to the USAFA WebGuy Archives

WebGuy photos and blogs prior to September 2015 are archived here.
Existing logins are still active, but there are no new user registrations here.
Contact us if you have questions.

Go to USAFAWEBGUY.COM to view the new site!

Hello Families!
Bill Preston here.  I am the Director of Constituent Programs here at the AOG.  Most of you know me as "WebGuy".  You see my posts as WebGuy2.0.   I am actually the second person to have the honor of the title.   The original "WebGuy" is and always will be Mr. Marty Marcolongo.  (Pictured below in 2009 shooting Field Day.  Notice the high tech camera he used back then).  If you are reading this blog, (known as WebGuy Notes back then), you owe it all to Marty.  This was his brainchild.  This is starting to sound like a eulogy which I assure you it isn't.  Marty is still very much alive.

So why am I telling you all of this?  This is the final blog entry on this version of the WebGuy website which has served us well and done far more than it was designed to do when it was launched in 2008.  Our crack IT team has kept this Drupal platform up and  running with twine and gum and frankly some magic long past the time when it should have been retired.  Ironically this past summer was the most problem free since I became involved in the program in 2011.   
Tomorrow morning when you go to www.usafawebguy.com, you will see a page that says we are down for maintenance.  When we come back up in the afternoon, WebGuy will have a brand new look, but more importantly, it will be a brand new responsive site built from the ground up.  It will work well with any device from your phone to your computer.  Your existing username and password will still work and all of the blog entries and photos from this past summer will all be there. We have been running it in tandem all summer to get the bugs out.  Every photo and  blog that you saw here was also uploaded to the new site for our beta test volunteers to use and review.  Our thanks to them for all their feedback.
While there will be no new content added to this site after today, this website will serve as the archive for content and photos taken prior to June 1, 2015.  All of your book marks will remain here as will the photos taken at the milestone events for the Classes of 2016, 17, & 18 like BCT.   Nothing will be lost and links to this site from the new one will make it easy to go back and forth to view and download.  We have tried to think of all the questions that you might ask about the transition and you will see a link to those on the new site.
So, thanks for all the patience and support you all have shown us over the years as this web platform has supported our growth.  We hope you like the new site.  We sure do. 




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