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Good Morning!

Good morning, all! Today is a beautiful day that is perfect for taking photos in Jacks. We've got photographers out on all of the courses already snapping away. Your Basics will be cycling through all of the courses over the next six days. Be sure you're also checking the video gallery, since we're uploading new videos every day!

I'm Done

Okay, WebHatter and I have officially reached the stupid stage of the day, as evidenced by the previous posts. We're sitting at our computers finishing processing, quoting The Princess Bride, and laughing insanely. I'm going home now before we get worse. Have a wonderful night and we'll see you bright and early tomorrow. Happy hunting!

Possessive Basic

"No, you can't have this tree! My tree!"


Be vewy vewy quiet...The Basics are sleeping.


Be vewy vewy quiet... We're hunting cadre.

O-Course Sequence

One of my favorite things about the Obstacle Course is the rope swing. Basics must take a running start, jump, grab onto a rope held by a cadre swing across a pool of water, and land on the other side. Some Basics are great at this and pass through with ease. Others...not so much. We do end up getting a great sequence of shots on some of them though.

*And she's off!*

*She's got the rope!*

*Almost! ALMOST!*

*Oh NO! Not the feet! She almost had it!*

*At least there are smiles, I am happy to announce she did make it through eventually. I was rooting for her the entire time I processed these pictures*
*Notes by WebHatter*

Wrapping Things Up

All right WebFolks, we're wrapping up with photos tonight. I'll post the remainder of the course explanations tomorrow, but here's what each squadron did today so you know what you're looking at:
Aggressors: Confidence Course, LRC
Barbarians: Assault Course
Cobras: LRC
Demons: Obstacle Course
Executioners: CATM
Flying Tigers: CBRNE, SABC
Guts: Obstacle Course
Hellcats: Assault Course
Happy Hunting!

Obstacle Course Explanation

First on the Obstacle Course, the Basics are walked through a series of stretches and warm-ups. After they're finished, they run onto the course and start the obstacles. It is similar to the Assault Course, in that they do still do exercises between obstacles, but it doesn't involve all the yelling and misery that you get on the A-Course.

Leadership Reaction Course Explanation

First at LRC, the Basics first go through some brief PT. They aren't physically trained during the actual course, so they get their workout in beforehand.

After their small PT session, they fill the stands and listen as the course cadre explain what the course is all about and what they can expect. The LRC is all about problem solving in various situations.

After the explanation, the Basics are then sent to the course itself. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take photos within the course while they complete the problems, so we have to get photos of them as they wait outside or are in transition.

Assault Course Explanation

First at the Assault Course, the Basics are briefly taught armed and unarmed combat by the course cadre.

After this, the Basics are given one last chance to drink some water, and then they are taken onto the course! The course has multiple obstacles which they must complete while also doing nonstop PT between the obstacles.

The Basics spend about three hours total on the Assault Course. The first hour is learning combat, the next hour and a half are spent on the course itself, and the final half hour is spent taking 3 second "showers" by walking under the hose.




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