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Welcome to the USAFA WebGuy Archives

WebGuy photos and blogs prior to September 2015 are archived here.
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Where Are They?

Here's a quick guide to figuring out where your Basics are before we post the list each night.
Are they wearing a helmet and look exhausted? The Assault Course.

Are they not wearing a helmet and look tired? The Obstacle Course.

Are they not wearing a helmet and look relaxed? The Confidence Course.

Are they wearing protective gear and crying? CBRNE.

Are they carrying each other and/or covered in fake blood? SABC.

Are they shooting rifles? CATM.

Are they sitting in bleachers and/or talking in a group? LRC.

We Had Some Car Problems

All right folks, I feel like I owe you an explanation. Photos from this morning will be unfortunately low in numbers for many squadrons. The reason for this is we ended up being down three photographers for two and a half hours while the courses were running. We had some...car problems. And our van didn't want to cooperate. And Jacks Valley is made of sand.
So. We ended up getting our van stuck deep in the sand. Of course it happened far, far away from anyone else in Jacks. Here's what it looked like - me digging out our van with a stick shovel while Webtar and WebRebel took photos. Ugh, I have to do all the work around here. (Admittedly, they both did just as much work as I did.) We were finally able to get some help and get pulled out of there a few hours later.

So there it is. If any of you were wondering why your photo count was low today, that's why. We reallocated our remaining photographers as best we could, but unfortunately it still results in less photos overall.

The Home Stretch!

Hello Families! 
WebGuy here.  At this point in BCT we like to take stock of how things have gone so far and make any last minute adjustments to finish this part of the race.  Just like all of you, we are on the same rollercoaster.   Our days are centered on the Basics and where they are, what they are doing, do we have access, and are we fifteen feet away from them ;-)?   It is quite a ride for all of us. 
We take our responsibility very seriously and have been gratified by all the emails, notes, and Facebook posts we have received.  We appreciate your patience and positive feedback when the website has had issues.
  So as we all approach the home stretch for not only BCT, but every upper class summer program including, jump, soaring, powered flight, RPA, ESET, and Prep BMT, I want to give all of you some feedback that will help us all finish this summer strong but also position ourselves for the academic year still ahead. 
First, please, please, please remember that our photos and video are snapshots in time.  I know I repeat that over and over, but the reason for this is that every summer the Academy gets calls from anxious parents who perceive something about their child from their analysis of WebGuy photos and want reassurance of their well-being.  Regardless of how your Basic or Cadet may look or seem in a photo, if something were truly wrong, the Academy would let you know.  Remember that this is military basic training.  It’s not meant to be fun.  Basics do not smile while in formation.   They are not happy all the time.  Every non-emergency call you make to the Academy staff requires someone to stop their primary job, which is training your Basics, in order to research and respond to a non-emergency question.   Multiply that by several hundred and that adds up to a lot of time away from the primary duty which is helping basic cadets successfully complete BCT.   Keep in mind that out of the 61 classes to go through BCT at USAFA (including 2019), only 12 have been fortunate to have had WebGuy coverage.  We want that coverage to continue at its current high level, but it is a delicate balance we have successfully maintained for those 12 years.  If we are suddenly seen as a cause for increased workload to the Academy staff, it could have a detrimental effect on the number of events we are allowed to cover.  So, I ask you all to continue to enjoy the coverage we provide and trust that everyone has your Basic’s best interest at heart. 
Remember, Acceptance Day is just around the corner now and Parents Weekend will be here before you know it.  Soon you will have direct contact once again and feel the same pride of accomplishment that your soon to be 4th Class Cadets feel upon completing this first of many milestones in their military careers.
Thanks for your understanding and support.  Go Falcons!

Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! The team is back in this morning and out to catch photos. Until we get back, here's what each squadron did yesterday:
Aggressors - Assault Course
Barbarians - Confidence Course, LRC
Cobras - Assault Course
Demons - LRC
Executioners - Obstacle Course
Flying Tigers - CATM
Hellcats - Obstacle Course
Happy hunting!

Teaching a Lesson

This morning, one course cadre was teaching a lesson to all of the Basics as they came to his obstacle. He told them to always stick together no matter what. I was able to get a video of one of his speeches he gave them - 

Who Knows?

On the Obstacle Course, one obstacle is a 6 foot wooden walll that the Basics must run, jump at, and climb over. Many don't make it over, but some do. When I took photos of it this morning, I try to position myself on the other side of the wall so I can get Basics as they come over. Often time though, I get photos like this:

And...nothing follows the hands. Twenty seconds later, the hands disappear and the Basics run around the obstacle. Who knows if a Basic is ever following those gloves?

Confidence Course Explanation

The Confidence Course is a pretty relaxed course. The Basics aren't yelled at or physically trained here, and they only run the course once (as opposed to the Assault Course and Obstacle Course, which they run twice). As the name says, the course is meant to build the Basics' confidence in themselves as they complete each obstacle successfully.

CBRNE Explanation

During CBRNE, the Basics are walked through various situations and are taught how to deal with them. They also get exposed to tear-gas (which has also resulted in minorly gassed photographers as the wind shifted). They put on their protective gear and gas masks, enter the container of gas, remove their masks, breathe in all the goodness, and then are released to go outside. Then they walk around in circles while flapping their arms and not touching their faces.

SABC Explanation

Self-Aid and Buddy Care is actually quite good training.  The cadre teach the basics what to do in a variety of circumstances.  They give them instructional explanations first. Then, they go out to where course cadre waiting for them with different "injuries" the Basics must then go treat. When the initial care is done, they either move on to the next situation, or they carry the victim to safety with an approved carry.  It's all quite interesting to behold.

CATM Explanation

At CATM, the Basics learn how to take apart, put together, handle, and fire a Colt M-16A2 rifle.




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