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Welcome to the USAFA WebGuy Archives

WebGuy photos and blogs prior to September 2015 are archived here.
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Insight Into the Year

Families of 2019,
Want to understand what the upcoming year is all about? Experience the first ever feature length documentary of the Air Force Academy. Over three years in production, this wonderful look into the cadet experience was made possible with a sponsorship from Boeing.  Have something to watch a week from now when there is still some summer left for you, but your cadet is starting classes."
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What's Next?

Hello Families!
Since today is a Webguy down day for BCT photos, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about some exciting things that are coming up. First, of course is Acceptance Day. The march-on is at 0900, but there will be some cool demonstrations by the airmanship programs prior to the parade. The bleachers are typically not completely filled on A-Day but you should still plan to arrive early. The North Gate entrance will open at 7:00am to accommodate parade visitors.  Parking will be at the field house with busses from there up to Stillman Parade Field.
The honor oath will be administered during the parade ceremony. After the Class of 19' is accepted into the Wing and has joined them, the oath will be given. Right after the Wing is dismissed by the Fall Cadet Wing Commander, the shoulder board ceremony will take place on Stillman field. Families have historically been invited on to the field to observe the shoulder board ceremonies, so wear good walking shoes.  We will have full WebGuy parade coverage.
Here is the official word from the Commandant’s office regarding release of Fourth-class cadets. “Fourth-class cadets will be released from 1100-1250 to visit with family/guests and may eat anywhere ON BASE. Non-cadet guests MUST pay $5.55 to eat at Mitchell Hall. The Mitchell hall meal will be buffet from 1100-1250.My personal recommendation about bringing stuff (other than lunch) for your cadet on A-Day is unless they have asked for something specific, wait till Parents Weekend.
The next big event on our calendar (and yours) is Parent’s Weekend. Click HERE for a link to the schedule of events from 2-7 September.  One event you should not miss if you are the parent of a 4th Class Cadet is the Orientation to be held on Thursday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm in Arnold Hall.  This is a great opportunity for new cadet parents to get an overview of USAFA programs from senior staff, including the Superintendent, Commandant of Cadets, Dean of the Faculty, Athletic Director and Admissions Director. Q&A session will follow presentations. All cadet parents/guests are welcome to attend.  This event is a first and if you can make it, definitely something not to be missed. Click HERE for a link to the Academy's Parent's Weekend registration page.
We have traditionally held the “WebGuy Social” on Thursday evening following the Parent President’s Conference.  Because of the Orientation and also due to enhanced security on base this year which makes it very difficult for folks without a DoD ID to get to Doolittle Hall on Thursday, we have had a change in plans. We have moved the WebGuy Social/Meet & Greet to Friday.  We hope you will come by the Oasis in Sijan Hall between 10AM and 2PM to meet Webguy.   More info will be coming your way between now and Parents Weekend.  I just wanted to make sure you put both Parents Weekend events on your calendar. 
Tomorrow we will be out in force for the March Back from Jack’s Valley.  
Till then, have a great evening.

Jack Valley March-Back Update!

Hello Families!
Here is an update on the Jack's Valley March Back tomorrow morning.   This is a change from an earlier post yesterday.  

North gate will open to visitors at 0730.  They should proceed to the Field House parking lot; we estimate that North Gate Blvd/Parade Loop will close around 0900-0915 (once the formation passes out of the west JV gate).

The March Out of Jacks Valley!

Okay WebFamilies.

Thursday will be your Basics' last full day in Jacks and on Friday they March Out.

They'll be leaving Jacks around 7:30-8 A.M. heading out the West Gate, with arrival plans to the Cadet Area on the Tzo around 9:30-10 A.M. If you plan on watching the March Out, make sure you station yourself at one of the two overlooks on that road or up at the Chapel wall. Don't park down by the B52 because you won't see any Marching from that location. We will have photographers covering their March Out of Jacks until they reach the Academy grounds.

So if you see our photographers, say hi!

This will be the only thing we are covering on Friday. The rest of the day your Basics will be in transition. They will be moving out of the room they've had for all of BCT and moving into their room for their first Academic Year.

North gate is opened for "Visitor" Hours from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. If you know someone who has a Military ID you can carpool with them onto the USAFA base before that time. Make sure you have a form of ID on you when you get to the gate.

Outstanding Cadre

As Jacks Valley comes to an end, the awards begin! After Big Bad Basic, Cadet Perkins announced the outstanding course cadre for this BCT. Each cadre got "coined" based on their high level of performance and safety. Below are pictures of the outstanding cadre.


Big Bad Basic!

Hello all, WebHatter here.

This morning all of the Basics gathered to watch the finals of BBB. Remember how each squadron ran through the Assault Course twice, and on their second time through they had pugil stick fights? These A-Course fights were to determine the finalists for each squadron. Every squadron put forth their top male competitor and female competitor to fight for BBB. They fight till one gets three points (one point gained from a body or a head shot), and the losing competitor is eliminated from the competition while the winner advances to the next round.

Here is the List of Contestant Winners from each round of Big Bad Basic all the way up to the final two who were named the Big Bad Basics!

Round 1

Female Winners

Aggressors Vs. Hellcats: Farrell (Aggressors) Vs. Sides (Hellcats)
Barbarians Vs. Guts: Etwobu (Barbarians) Vs. Sagisi (Guts)
Cobras Vs. Flying Tigers: Miksch (Cobras) Vs. Mammah (Flying Tigers)
Demons Vs. Executioners: Ekholm (Demons) Vs. Glaab (Executioners)

Male Winners

Aggressors Vs. Hellcats: Harper (Aggressors) Vs. George (Hellcats)
Barbarians Vs. Guts: Erickson (Barbarians) Vs. Sims (Guts)
Cobras Vs. Flying Tigers: Kemper (Cobras) Vs. Kuku (Flying Tigers)
Demons Vs. Executioners: Buzzell (Demons) Vs. Zivney (Executioners)

Round 2

Female Winners

Guts Vs. Hellcats: Sagigi (Guts) Vs. Sides (Hellcats)
Executioners Vs. Flying Tigers: Glaab (Executioners) Vs. Mammah (Flying Tigers)

Male Winners

Barbarians Vs. Hellcats: Erickson (Barbarians) Vs. George (Hellcats)
Cobras Vs. Executioners: Kemper (Cobras) Vs. Zivney (Executioners)

Round 3 - Big Bad Basic Winners

Female Winner
Executioners Vs. Guts: Erin Sagisi (Guts)

Male Winner
Executioners Vs Hellcats: Kahner George (Hellcats)

Last Female Pugil Stick Fight with the Winner and Runner Up!

Last Male Pugil Stick Fight with the Winner and Runner Up!

Male and Female Winner Announced!

CV 22 Tiltrotor- Landing

Prior to the start of Big Bad Basic, the Basics got to watch a CV 22 fly over head and land in front of them! After the air craft landed all Basics were allowed to go over to the CV 22 and ask the pilots and crew questions and see the tiltrotor up close. 


ESET Pictures!

Hello all, WebHatter here.

Okay my ESET WebParents this one is for you!
The pictures from the 23rd and also from the 28th are now uploading into the Galleries!
Happy Hunting!






Final Pictures Up In The Galleries!

Hello all, WebHatter here.

I'm going to make this short and sweet. :D

The rest of the days pictures are up in the Galleries!

Hope everyone has a good night and as always, Happy Hunting!

What Did They Do Today?

Let's see what everyone did today!
Aggressors: Assault Course
Barbarians: LRC
Cobras: Obstacle Course
Demons: CATM
Executioners: CBRNE, SABC
Flying Tigers: Obstacle Course
Guts: Assault Course
Hellcats: Confidence Course, LRC
WebTeam: Hit stupid stage in record time




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