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Welcome to the USAFA WebGuy Archives

WebGuy photos and blogs prior to September 2015 are archived here.
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Final ESET Pictures From 7/30!

Hello all, WebHatter here.

This is for the last Summer ESET Session parents out there. We want to thank you for your patience in waiting for these to be posted. They were finally approved this morning. With the change over from the Summer Sessions into the Academic Year it took some time. But here they are!


Pictures from the most recent upload start on page 141 in the Summer ESET Gallery.

We love that we were able to cover this program over the summer and can't wait to do it again next year!

Until next summer ESET! We bid you Adieu.
And as always, happy hunting!


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Happy Shopping, Family Plan Members!

Academic Jump Classes

Hello all. WebHatter here.
One of our photographers went down to the Airfield yesterday and were able to catch Jump in action. Since it's now the Academic Year, they don't train to jump in just 3 days like they do during the summer.
Now it's a little been more laid-back in a way. At least with the time frame of learning everything they need to.
The Cadets practiced outside for portions of their training as well as inside. Here they are practicing their "stance" when they are hanging outside of the plane door.

They have to "fall" as well. Thank goodness for sand!

Then the inside portion. Putting on the gear and practicing the steps they've learned so far in the course. Especially that count.
One one-thousand, Two one-thousand, Three one-thousand...
They are being prepared for what it will feel like after they have deployed their shute and are now gliding down to earth from thousands of feet above. How cool.


Be sure to check out the Academic Year 2015-16 - Airmanship Gallery for the rest of yesterday's Jump Pictures!

Blue Rush - Club Promotion!

Hello all! WebHatter here.

Pictures are on their way up into the Gallery! You will be able to find them in the 'Academic Year 2015-16' section under 'Extracurricular'.

This past Saturday the Academy had their annual Blue Rush. What's that you ask? Clubs! Lots and lots of clubs! Some are Sports related, Recreational/Service, Mission based or Academic. They were able to tell the Cadets about themselves and promote their clubs/teams. It was a mandatory activity for the new 4th Class Cadets and optional for Upperclassmen and I have to say they had a great turn out!




2017 Commitment Dinner Video

Hello all. WebHatter here.

Here is a video of the two guest speakers that attended the 2017 Commitment Dinner last week!

The two speakers were Lt. Gen. Heflebower and Col. Ron Stenger.

Better Late Then Never

Hello all! WebHatter here.

The last of the BCT Cadre pictures have been uploaded into their perspective Gallery. I know it's a little late since BCT is now over, but better late then never I hope.

Cadre Parents from BCT 2 I hope you enjoy!

And as always, happy hunting! :)

2017's Commitment Dinner

Hello all. WebHatter here.

Okay, my 2017 Parents! The last of the Commitment Dinner pictures are on their way up into the Galleries.

Thank you for your patience in us posting these today. We also will be uploading a video of the ceremony so check back for that!

Free AF License Plate Cover

Class of 2018 and 2019 Parents - 
Upgrade your Class Club membership to Family Plan and receive a FREE AIR FORCE LICENSE PLATE COVER! Family Plan includes a life membership for your cadet to their alumni association and in return we will keep your Association of Graduates membership benefits active for life for you as well! Some of the benefits of Family Plan also include free or discounted event registration for you and your cadet to events taking place nationwide, you keep your 15% AOG shopping discount but you will also receive 50% off flash sales at the AOG Gift Shop at Doolittle Hall and at shop.usafa.org and so much more! For more information, visit www.usafa.org/parents/membership or call us directly.
Upgrade today by calling Don McCarthy or Megan Mulligan at 719-472-0300. 

Pictures Up In The Galleries!

Hello all! WebHatter here.
Okay my newly minted 4th Class Cadet Parents. The rest of the days pictures are finally on their way up into the Acceptance Day Gallery.
We are so proud of your newly turned 4th Class Cadets for everything they accomplished over the course of their BCT!
Congratulations and happy hunting!

Acceptance Day!

A-Day is here! On Tuesday morning, the parade began with everyone marching onto the field. The Class of 2019 lined up along the field close to the stands, facing the Cadet Wing across the field.

Then there was a B-2 flyby!

Afterwards, the Class of 2019 was accepted into the Cadet Wing!

Then they joined the Cadet Wing, marching across the field in the inverted-wedge formation. This formation is only used twice in parades - once when a new class enters the Wing, and once more when the graduating class leaves the Wing in their graduation parade.

After joining their Academic Year squadrons, each squadron conducts a pass and review around the field.

Following the conclusion of the parade, familes rushed out to the field to see their newly minted Fourth Class Cadets.





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