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Welcome to the USAFA WebGuy Archives

WebGuy photos and blogs prior to September 2015 are archived here.
Existing logins are still active, but there are no new user registrations here.
Contact us if you have questions.

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The End Of An Era

Hello Families!
Bill Preston here.  I am the Director of Constituent Programs here at the AOG.  Most of you know me as "WebGuy".  You see my posts as WebGuy2.0.   I am actually the second person to have the honor of the title.   The original "WebGuy" is and always will be Mr. Marty Marcolongo.  (Pictured below in 2009 shooting Field Day.  Notice the high tech camera he used back then).  If you are reading this blog, (known as WebGuy Notes back then), you owe it all to Marty.  This was his brainchild.  This is starting to sound like a eulogy which I assure you it isn't.  Marty is still very much alive.

So why am I telling you all of this?  This is the final blog entry on this version of the WebGuy website which has served us well and done far more than it was designed to do when it was launched in 2008.  Our crack IT team has kept this Drupal platform up and  running with twine and gum and frankly some magic long past the time when it should have been retired.  Ironically this past summer was the most problem free since I became involved in the program in 2011.   
Tomorrow morning when you go to www.usafawebguy.com, you will see a page that says we are down for maintenance.  When we come back up in the afternoon, WebGuy will have a brand new look, but more importantly, it will be a brand new responsive site built from the ground up.  It will work well with any device from your phone to your computer.  Your existing username and password will still work and all of the blog entries and photos from this past summer will all be there. We have been running it in tandem all summer to get the bugs out.  Every photo and  blog that you saw here was also uploaded to the new site for our beta test volunteers to use and review.  Our thanks to them for all their feedback.
While there will be no new content added to this site after today, this website will serve as the archive for content and photos taken prior to June 1, 2015.  All of your book marks will remain here as will the photos taken at the milestone events for the Classes of 2016, 17, & 18 like BCT.   Nothing will be lost and links to this site from the new one will make it easy to go back and forth to view and download.  We have tried to think of all the questions that you might ask about the transition and you will see a link to those on the new site.
So, thanks for all the patience and support you all have shown us over the years as this web platform has supported our growth.  We hope you like the new site.  We sure do. 

USAFA vs Army Soccer Game

This past Saturday USAFA played Army in Men's Soccer.
After 90 mins which is the full duration the score was tied at 0-0. The game went into overtime with an added 10 minutes, after that period still no scoring.
Another 10 mins was added to the clock and with 5 mins left number 11 scored a goal with an assist from number 4! The croud went absolutely nuts and stormed the field!!
Air Force played a great game offense was aggressive and attacking the goal with over 22 shots at goal which lead to their win while Army only had 8 shots on goal.
To check out the Gallery go to Academic Year 2015-16 - Extracurricular Gallery, pictures start on page 17.




It's Contest Time!

The winner is Jo Harper! The Prize was 2 Blue & Silver Tickets and a parking pass to the AF vs Morgan State game on Sept. 5th. Congratulations!

Thank you to all participants.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Today's Contest has multiple elements to it. Please read carefully!
Call XXX-XXX-XXXX when you think you have everything you need.
DO NOT leave a voicemail. I will not call you back!
1) ONLY Family Plan Members are able to participate in this contest.
2) You MUST be caller #3
3) When I answer you MUST start by saying "Hello WebGuy!"
4) Tell me what class YOUR CADET is in AND how many days from TODAY till they graduate from the Academy. I need a specific number (Which will depend on your Cadets class year.)
5) You must answer this question. How tall is the Robinson Risner Statue in the Air Gardens at the USAFA?
In order to win today's prize, all of these things have to happen.
Good luck!

Soaring At The Airfield

Today we were able to catch two groups down at Soaring. The first group was mostly 4th Class Cadets and the second group was a mixture of all four Classes. 
These 4th Class Cadets are able to learn about Soaring during the Academic Year. During the summer between their first and second year at the academy they will be able to take an airmanship session. The 4th Class Cadets have two choices. Soaring or Jump. They will be able to go into Powered Flight when they get to their 3rd and 4th year at the Academy. Because of being able to take this course during the school year, we might see them down here again over the summer!

Not only were the Cadets enjoying their time down at Soaring but so were the Tow Plane Pilots!

We tend to see a lot of this going on with the Upperclassmen groups. What are they studying? Pretty much everything and anything they need to know in order to become a Soaring Instructor. There are four phases over the course of two semesters that they must go through if they want to be a future Instructor. Not to mention some of the YOUNGEST Soaring Instructors in the Air Force. As they go through each phase, their responsibility inside and out of the Soaring Aircraft becomes more and more in depth. Each phase has different elements they must achieve from assisted flights, to unassisted, then assisted but with errors that they must catch and correct midflight. They must also get perfect scores during some of these phases because if they don't - they aren't quailified to become Soaring Instructors.

To check out the pictures from today, go to the Academic Year 2015-16 - Airmenship Gallery. Pictures start on page 6.

Class of 2019 Inprocessing T-Shirt

Class of 2019 Inprocessing Shirt


This morning the Cadet Wing had their first SAMI, better known as Saturday Morning Inspection - Even if it isn't on a Saturday. The Cadets had to dress in their Blues and prepare each of their rooms for inspection.
They had roughly an hour or so of preparation before the inspection started. When the Cadets come in to inspect the room, they are saluted before entering and when they leave. Each room is looked over for roughly 2 minutes and while the room is being inspected the Cadets must stand at attention in the middle of the room, otherwise the Cadets are allowed to be at ease in their rooms. Whether that means, working on homework, talking amongest themselves or visiting with other Cadets in their rooms.
What is looked at? The Cadets leading this SAMI have rules and will measure their bed fold, their folded shirts and shorts and check for dust in certain areas of the room. As well as the floor for cleanliness.
We were low on manpower for this mornings event and because of this we were only able to cover Vandy and not every room was photographed. But rest assured that during the next SAMI we will be covering Sijan.


To find the pictures, go to Academic Year 2015-16 and click on the Military Training Gallery.

Speech & Debate Team Coverage

Going into the Academic Year means we are now getting to cover a wide variety of activities, including clubs. This morning we were able to catch the Speech and Debate Team in action in Fairchild. They were having a scrimmage with students from Colorado State Puebo and Colorado Boulder.

Everyone was split into two groups, the Affirmative and Negative view point. People were grouped in teams of two (affirmative) against two (negative) for this debate. Before they scattered and started their debate each view point has about 15-20 minutes to prepare for the topic of discussion.

We covered the first round, their question of debate was;

"The USFG should significantly increase restrictions on CAFOS concentrated feeding operations."

I wonder how this debate went?! You'll have to ask your Cadet if they're on the Speech and Debate Team!

Oh the look of determination, or disagreement? 

We got to catch half of the students from the other schools and the Cadets, preparing their vocal cords for quick debate, check it out. They did this for about 3 minutes on and off before splitting up into their groups.

Warning: They're loud!

To view the pictures from this morning go to the Academic Year 2015-16 - Extracurricular Gallery!


Caught up with the first group at Soaring this morning. There are three sets of Cadet groups that come out here every day and there are three set times for these groups. The first group starts their day at Soaring at 6:30AM, the second group arrives at 10AM and the third group at 12:30PM. Sadly because of the weather, sometimes there is no activity while a group is on the Airfield and sometimes they are lucky and have a ton of Soaring time. Also, depending on the day of the week there are different groups of Cadets.
Rest assured that over the course of the semester we will be sure to catch the different groups on different days. This group in particular got down to Soaring around 6:30am. They were briefed and then sent out onto the Airfield. They had roughly two hours of Soaring time before they had to go back up to the Academy and attend their other academic courses.
Check out the Academic Year 2015-16 - Airmanship Gallery for the pictures taken this morning!

Powered Flight Activity Down At The Airfield

We were able to get some pictures at the Airfield today for Powered Flight. 
What have we learned today at the Airfield, apparently this picture sums up the Flight Team.
Flight suit. Check. Monster drink. Check. Beautiful mountain scenery. Check.

We were also able to see some Cadets in class for Powered Flight as well. Each Cadet has a total of nine instructor accompanied flights before they are able pilot the aircraft solo! Some of the Cadets photographed today are already halfway there. How exciting! 

To view the pictures go to the Academic Year 2015-16 - Airmanship Gallery for pictures from our Powered Flight coverage today!

Friday Nights Jamboree Event!

The cadets enjoyed not one, but TWO country concerts. They got to see music performed by Amanda Watkins and Darryl Worley.

There were many activities set up, Cadets and their guests if they brought them were able to channel their inner warrior in games like the "Big Baller", where they squeezed into these massive balloons and ran around in teams of two trying to score the most points against the other team by getting the ball into the goal.

They had an activity called "King of the Mountain" where the cadets had to attempt to jump across "rocks" and make it to the other side without falling off.

Then there was the "Laser Tag Dome" where they had to make it to the top before the other people and stay up as long as they could. Which looked very hard! Oh gosh so many things! Then a Velcro wall, getting their faces painted and even cartoon versions of themselves drawn!




There was also a ton food trucks outside on the patio. Even with the crazy rain we had that night the cadets definitely got their fill of all the food provided. Treats by Gypsy Pizzera, Bertha's Kitchen, All things Pita, Rocky Mountain BBQ and many more!
All in all I'd say it was a fun night had by all that attended the Jamboree!

The pictures are in the Academic Year 2015-16 section under the "Extracurricular" Gallery, starting on page 12.

Click here to go right to page 12!




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